by Fatboy Babushka™

SMOKY::  Hello Sunny. Where's Fatboy?

SUNNY::   Oh, he went up in the attic.

SMOKY::   Why?

SUNNY::   Because he's writing a manuscript and an autobiology and he doesn't want to be disturbed so you better not go up.

SMOKY::   I'm going up.

SUNNY::   You better not.

SMOKY::   And who is going to stop me?
MEOWWW! Baby Tiago ... No to swat my tail!

SUNNY::   Mol. Baby Tiago ... that's who.

SMOKY::   Well we're not allowed to go up in the attic. Mommy doesn't want any of us playing up there. Did Fatboy get permission?

SUNNY::   No and besides, he's not playing Smoky. He's writing a manuscript. He's an author you know.

SMOKY::   I know. I'm going up.

SUNNY::   You better not.

SMOKY::   Stop saying that, Sunny.

SUNNY::   I'm coming with you.
*Smoky and Sunny enter the attic and find Fatboy sound asleep.

SMOKY::   Oh, look Sunny; Fatboy fell asleep ... let's see how far he got.
*Smoky reads what Fatboy typed*
"I was born in a tree house not far from where I currently live. My Mommy was a Possum and my Daddy was a Duck."

SMOKY::   MOL! His Daddy was not a duck. Oh, this must be fiction.

SUNNY::   I'm telling Mommy you said a bad word.

SMOKY::   It's not a bad word. It means that Fatboy is making it up.

SUNNY::   Fatboy is not lying. You take that back, Smoky. You take that back!

SMOKY::   Okay, I take it back but it's still fiction.

SUNNY::   He's waking up.
*Smoky runs down the stairs*.

FATBOY::   "Oh, hello Sunny ... I must have fallen asleep. I didn't see you there".

SUNNY::   Fatboy, Smoky read your manuscript.

FATBOY::   "I'm not surprised. She has to know everything that goes on around here. I wonder if she liked what she read".

SUNNY::   I don't know. She ran away when you woke up. Fatboy, do you think I could write my autobiology too?

FATBOY::   "Of course you can, Sunny. You can do anything you put your mind too. Always remember that.

SUNNY::   Thank you Fatboy. I will. May I borrow some paper?

FATBOY::   "Sure. There is a whole stack over there. Oh, just let me take my paper out. I'm going to hide it somewhere so Smoky doesn't know what happens next."

SUNNY::   Good idea. Now let me see .... click ... click ... click......oh, Fatboy, will the typewriter clicking disturb you?

FATBOY::   "Not at all, not at all ... I find it very soothing. I think that's why I fell asleep".

SUNNY::   Oh good. Let's see .... Fatboy, how to do you spell "cook"?

FATBOY::   "I don't have my little dictionary but not to worry ... that's what Editors get paid for. They'll correct it before you publish it."

SUNNY::   Oh, that's good to know. Now where was I? Oh, yes ... click ... click ... click ... click ... click ... click ... click ... *ding* ... click ... click ... click ... click ... click ... click ... click ... *ding* ..................................................................................
*Smoky doesn't hear the typewriter anymore and quietly creeps up the stairs to see why*

SMOKY::   Oh hello Fatboy. What happened to Sunny?

FATBOY::   "Writing his autobiography put him to sleep".

SMOKY::   I'm not surprised.
*Smoky begins to read what Sunny typed*
"I was born in a little shallot in the South of France. My Mommy was a Prize Winning Show cat and a famous kook. MOL! My Daddy was an Owl".

SMOKY::   MOL! His Mommy was a "kook"! Oh, that Sunny! We all know who the "kook" is in his family! That Sunny is a hoot. Get it Fatboy? I said Sunny is a "hoot". I made a funny, Fatboy.

FATBOY::   "Don't laugh, Smoky. It could become a Best Seller and Sunny could become very famous!"

SMOKY::   I never thought about that.

FATBOY::   "Oh, yes ... a lot of people have become famous after writing their autobiography. Remember the Cat in the Hat"?

SMOKY::   Fatboy, I was thinking that I should write my autobiography too. What do you think?

FATBOY::   "Good idea, Little One .... but maybe you should go and get your blankie first."