"All about me ... just sayin"

by Fatboy Babushka ™


  "Oh, hello. My name is Fatboy Babushka. I am 4 years old, weigh 24 lbs and am double-pawed (not bragging ... just sayin'). I was abandoned as a kitten and raised by a possum. I don't know how to meow yet ... I "QUACK". I was rescued by my Mommy and now live with my best friend and brother, Sunny Papoochie, my sister Smoky, my other sister, Rebel, and Baby Tiago my brother. I am very happy and have many friends. I say, never stop dreaming. If you work hard enough, you can make your dreams come true. I write Poetry and Scripts and I make Movies. I like to make people smile and I hope to be famous someday so I can help others realize their dreams too. Here is how it all began.

  It was Fall and the leaves were falling from the trees. I was hungry and tired. I spotted a tree house in a neighbors yard and decided to climb the tree and take shelter there. I was surprised to see a possum asleep in the corner of the house.


  At first I was frightened; but I was so tired from climbing the tree that I quickly fell asleep. When I awoke, I felt something very warm and furry next to me. I opened my eyes to see a pointy nose staring at me. It was the possum letting me know that he liked me. I finally felt safe.

  The possum became my good friend. We went everywhere together. We found our food in garbage cans and gardens. The possum was very good at hunting for food. During the day, children played in the tree house while we explored the neighborhood looking for food. But at night, the tree house was ours where we snuggled and felt safe.

  One day we entered a yard belonging to a lady who liked to feed the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. We watched her every morning while she filled the bird and squirrel feeders and changed the water in all the birdbaths. There were birds, and squirrels and chipmunks everywhere.


  It was the best place ever! One day while the possum and I were hiding in the bushes the lady came outside holding a beautiful long-haired cat.

  She was the most beautiful kitty I ever saw. I looked at the possum and thought .... "the lady loves cats ... I just know it ... maybe she will put out some cat food for us". I wished and I hoped and I prayed.

  The next day, while the possum was hunting for food in the woods, I went back to the lady's yard. She was feeding the birds and spotted me in the bushes (can you find me?)

  While she was feeding the birds, she looked at me and said very softly ..."I never saw you before ... you are beautiful.... who do you belong to"? I ran and hid behind a tree because I was afraid. I watched as she went into the house and brought out a dish and placed it on the back steps. Even from a distance I could smell it was something very tasty. I waited until she went back in the house. Then very cautiously, I approached the dish to see what was in it.

  Before I knew it, I had eaten every bit of what was in the dish because it was so delicious. I never tasted such wonderful food in my life. It was mushy and wet and smelled like tuna. Suddenly, I heard a noise and I ran again and hid. This time she put out a bowl of fresh water but I was so tired after eating all the tuna that I just fell asleep in the bushes.

  The next day, I visited the lady again to see if she would feed me. I waited in the bushes and watched while she filled all the bird and squirrel feeders. Then she went inside and brought out a dish of wet food and a bowl of fresh water. But this time, she placed another dish down and instead of the wet, mushy food, the dish was filled with small dry pieces of something crunchy. I ate the wet food and then I ate the dry food, but I left a few pieces in the dish for the possum ... maybe about one or two ... I don't remember ... I was very hungry that day. I drank some water and went back to the bushes and fell asleep. I awoke and found the possum eating from the dish I had left for him.

  For weeks, the lady fed us. I knew she loved me when she named me Fatboy. I loved my name and I would wait for her to call me every morning when she put out my food. "Fatboy ... she'd sing ... Fatboy ". I could tell she wanted to get close to me because she would sometimes put out my food and sit down; waiting for me to come. But I was still afraid ... I don't know why. As time passed, I felt a little more comfortable when I saw her so I didn't hide. I would wait on the steps for her to feed me and she always did. One day she placed the dishes down and bent down to pet me. I got scared and put my teeth on her. I didn't bite her, I just wanted her to know I was afraid of her and not to pet me.

  I didn't know it then; but I was a feral kitty and hadn't had any vaccinations. I had to be quarantined for 14 days to make sure I wasn't sick and I wouldn't make the lady sick. An animal control officer came and tried to catch me but I was too clever. Finally when they put out a can of Bumblebee Albacore Tuna I let my guard down and was captured. The lady cried when they took me away.

  I had a big wound from being attacked by a bear ... or maybe it was a raccoon, I forget, but the Doctor took good care of me except he clipped my ear when I was asleep.

  I'm still not happy about that. I heard him tell the nurse that I would be much happier now. I wonder how he knew ... maybe he had his ear clipped too ... I don't know for sure ... just sayin'.

  After the 14 days they brought me back to the lady's yard. As soon as they opened the carrier door, I ran like a bunny back to my tree house to see the possum. The lady kept calling "Fatboy ... Fatboy" ... but I just kept running. I missed the possum and wanted to make sure he was okay. I was happy to find him in our tree house. He looked the same ... except ... he looked fatter.

  The next day I went back to my yard and did not like what I saw. I hid under a bush and watched while two cats ate my food.

  I had seen them before. I knew them. Sunny was a buff colored tiger cat and he was very timid. Rebel was a silver grey cat and she was a bully. They were brother and sister and they belonged to someone in the neighborhood. I knew all about them. Rebel liked to hunt birds and put scratches on my nose. As I hid, I wished they'd go home and never come back. But that didn't happen.

  Every morning the woman put food out for us. I watched as Rebel and Sunny ate and then I watched them go home.

  Sunny would often come back to play with me and we'd watch the birds in the backyard. We became good friends and he started spending more and more time in my yard. At night he went home and I continued to go home to the tree house and sleep with the possum.

  I knew I had a home the day the lady bought me a house.

  It had a pink door, a blue roof and green shutters. Sunny liked to sit on the roof. This is where I found my food dishes every day. Weeks had passed and the weather was getting much colder. Every night, the lady came out and put a blankie on my head to keep my ears warm. She said I looked like I was wearing a "babushka" so she named me Fatboy Babushka. I loved my new name. When it became very cold, she put a heated bed in my house and a blankie and some toys. By now, Sunny had become my best friend and was spending more and more time in my yard and in my house. We shared stories and he liked hearing about my adventures with the possum. He named him "Pete". I knew how much he loved the heated bed so I let him sleep in it whenever he wanted.

  One night he fell asleep and never went home. That was the night that something very peculiar happened. Sunny and I awoke to hear strange noises, kind of like a quacking. Suddenly, the possum appeared with three baby possum behind him. They looked like Pete only smaller. Sunny and I sat and watched while all four ate the dry food and then left. They were the cutest little things and I could tell that Pete loved them; just like he loved me when he took me in as a kitten.

  Winter was approaching and the lady was worried about them so she made a shelter for them out of a Styrofoam cooler. She cut a hole for them to get in and out, lined the inside with Mylar wrap and put shredded paper in the bottom for them. They lived in there all season and survived a very cold winter living on Meow Mix.

  Spring came and our daily routine was the same except everything smelled different, it was more colorful and the days lasted longer. Sunny and I are still the best of friends and we have the best life. Rebel is now living with us too and she is much nicer and not a bully anymore. Oh, and remember the exquisite long-haired cat? Her name is Smoky. She is my sister now and a little tattletale but I love her very much. I am very happy because I have a family now. I hope you like my story and will continue to read about my adventures.

Not The End ... it's just the Beginning

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