My name is Fatboy Babushka.  I am four years old, weigh 24 pounds and I am double pawed ... not braggin', just sayin'.


I've written a Book of Poetry for children and many Scripts.

I want children everywhere to feel good about themselves and to always remember to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!  Anything is possible, you know.

I have a few Facebook pages where I have fun with my friends. Oh, you will like my friends. They are the best. Come visit me! 
Fatboy Babushka
Fatboy's Boutique and Hair Salon
Fatboy's ART Center
Fatboy’s KIN (Kitties In Need)
Fatboy Babushka's Auctions for KIN
Fatboy Babushka's Birthday Party Page
Fatboy's Boutique and Salons' One Year Anniversary

I want everyone to BE HAPPY and to BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.  I try to make people SMILE EVERYDAY.  I hope you like me and I hope I make you smile.  love, FATBOY BABUSHKA

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